Vision Statement:

The Sylvania Bulldogs Junior Rugby Club aspires to be a family friendly, professionally managed club that is successful in all its endeavours.

We are committed to the promotion, participation and enjoyment of minis and juniors rugby union in a safe environment, at a level appropriate to their skills and physical capabilities, now and into the future.

Our club will provide training and development opportunities to improve and develop the skills of all participants, through fair competition; access to high standard coaching, grounds and facilities, and equity at all levels. 

Our goal is that every player enjoys their rugby 

“Rugby keen in 2019"

Mission Statement:

"Building long lasting friendships, establishing bonds, developing skills and fostering values for life."

The Sylvania Bulldogs Junior Rugby Club is a family friendly community based sporting club in the heart of the Sutherland Shire.  

We are a proud rugby club steeped in tradition and exist to promote and foster excellence and enjoyment in the sport of Rugby Union. 

Our aim is to provide a fun, safe, enjoyable environment that encourages all participants to reach their full potential (no matter what their aspirations may be), promote and foster individual and team excellence and enjoy rugby union.

We will do this by providing the best possible facilities in an environment that aims to foster children’s wellbeing - developing friendship and lifelong bonds (as well as protecting both the traditions and the future of the club).

Our success will be measured by the pride our members take in the club and the role models we produce within our community.

We encourage the entire family to participate in all our events and make a conscious effort to design all activities so that all members of our clubs families are not only invited but also want to participate.

With the ongoing help from our sponsors and our wonderful support base of volunteers, family and friends we will continue to grow into a force in the development of Rugby Union.

Together we will raise much needed funds to help the club continue to create a fantastic environment for all our junior players and their families.

Important Update in 2019

The recent Royal Commission into Child Safety has made many recommendations to National
Sporting Organisations to ensure that all environments involving children are safe and that all
Sporting Clubs are aware of their responsibilities in this area.
Rugby Au has developed a myriad of responses to these recommendations and we now need to
ensure that all Clubs are made aware of their responsibilities.
Over the past few months Rugby Au has developed:
• The Rugby Au Child Safe Framework
• The Rugby Au Safeguarding Children Guidelines website
• A National Online incident Reporting system
• Education and Training as regards Member Protection and Integrity
• Working with Children information and resources.
please refer to the Rugby Au section on policies:


Successful Junior Rugby clubs are more than just happy and competitive teams on the pitch.

Players and coaches are vitally important but so are the many dedicated volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to help a junior club function.

You don’t have to be a rugby expert to get involved.    Look at me!

Whether you’re an old junior club member player, someone who has hung up their boots or a person who has never picked up the oval ball, you could be a valued rugby volunteer.

While the benefits of volunteering are specific to each individual, the inclusive environment of a junior rugby club is a rewarding place to be for people with differing sets of skills.

Sylvania Bulldogs Junior Rugby Club needs these skills:   YOUR SKILLS!

There are opportunities to get involved for people of all abilities and skills sets, and some of the benefits include:

  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Learning and developing new skills
  • Enhancing work experience and building a CV/ Resume
  • Being active and improving health and wellbeing
  • Meeting new people and broadening your social network
  • Giving something back to the game you love
  • Making a difference in the community
  • Being A role model to your child
  • And just old plain fashioned FUN!

If you want to get involved and serve on the Committee at SYLVANIA BULLDOGS JUNIOR RUGBY CLUB.