Sylvania Bulldogs Junior Rugby Football Club supports core aims of minis rugby, that:
  • We want to Play to win - but not at all costs
  • We always win with dignity, and occasionally we will lose BUT ALWAYS with   grace
  • We observe the Laws and regulations of the game
  • We respect opponents, referees and participants
  • We reject cheating, racism, violence and drugs
  • We Value volunteers and all officials alike
  • We enjoy the game, each other’s company and are proud that our young Bulldogs want to play Rugby Union. 
  • We enjoy ALL Sport and respect the other Codes.  There is enough room for us all to co-exist.  In the spirit of enjoyment and healthy lifestyle choices we encourage you to play sport – whatever that sport is.
The credit for our success as a club is 
  • due to the commitment of our young players, 
  • the endeavours of the club’s qualified and enthusiastic coaches,
  • our many marvellous volunteers,
  • you - our players’ parents and
  • supporters and our valued sponsors.